Pellegrini protects Assane Diao from criticism at Betis

The Chilean coach was quite upset by the comments against the talented footballer

Manuel Pellegrini has come to the rescue of Assane Diao, another player highlighted by Real Betis fans. And the terrible moment experienced by Benito Villamarín’s team began to strain the patience of fans, who immediately looked for someone to blame after their Conference League elimination against Dinamo Zagreb.

Let’s remember this Assane Diao caused a stir in his early days at Betis, but little by little he showed a very bad state of form, which Pellegrini has already spoken about. The winger, along with Abner, is one of the players who have received the most negative news and the coach suddenly wanted to put an end to it.

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The winger is the one who has been criticized the most by fans. (c) Photo: GOL digital.

Assane Diao was criticized at Real Betis, so Manuel Pellegrini had to intervene

In this way it was possible to establish that the team is currently raising a lot of doubts due to its progress in Europe. The Croatian club’s exit did not go down well with the management, who had high expectations for the transition to the next phase.. Now the focus is 100% on LaLiga EA Sports, which is looking for a place in the continental tournament again.

In that order of ideas and back to the topic of Assane Diao, Manuel Pellegrini has made it clear that they need to protect the player at this time. “Assane really shone in his first moments and like any player he stays for a bit and then comes back.“. At the same time, expectations are high because this new footballer can get his career back on track.

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The coach is convinced that he is a young element and can get his career back on track

Another topic that the Chilean coach addressed in this Q&A session concerned the youth of Hispano-Senegalese. “He is young and needs to improve like the rest of the team, but it doesn’t seem fair to Assane or any other player to blame him for not qualifying.“. In addition, the team was relieved of responsibility for the elimination.

Without doubt, What Manuel Pellegrini did with Assane Diao didn’t just give him self-confidence. Several players have seen their performance drop significantly and they understand that this is not the time for accusations. Therefore, he hopes to protect them so that they can return to their best performance as the season progresses.

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