Pelé’s 10 most memorable goals

Pelé made goal look easy, getting the ball into the net in the most varied and beautiful ways: dribbling past defenders, firing powerful shots, hitting well-placed free kicks or using steady headers. Nearly 1,090 of his goals came with Brazilian club Santos and 95 with the Brazil national team.

Not all of Pelé’s goals were recorded, but there are still plenty of footage of his countless outstanding scores. Pelé also had some spectacular “near misses” throughout his career, including a shot from behind the midfield line that narrowly missed at the 1970 World Cup.


When: September 7, 1956.

Where: Santo André, Brazil.

Opponent: Corinthians of Santo Andre.

How: Pelé was a teenager and had just started playing for Santos. He found the net moments into the game in the second half, helping Santos win the friendly 7-1. Corinthians’ goalkeeper at the time, Zaluar, later created a business card in which he identified himself as “the first goalkeeper to concede a goal to Pele.”


When: August 2, 1959.

Where: São Paulo.

Opponent: Juventus from Sao Paulo.

How: The goal known as one of the greatest in its history was not filmed, but was recreated digitally for a film about Pelé based on accounts from players, fans and journalists who were at the historic game on Rua Javari, home of Sao Paulo . club juventus. Pelé received the ball just inside the box and immediately flicked it past the first defender to challenge him. He passed the ball over another defender near the penalty spot and, without letting it touch the ground, flicked it past the third defender and the goalkeeper. With the goal open in front of him, he headed the ball home. Later, Juventus honored Pelé for his goal with a statue and a commemorative plaque in the stadium.


When: June 19, 1958.

Where: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Opponent: Wales.

How: Pele’s first World Cup goal was a beauty. It happened in the 66th minute of a difficult match against Wales in the quarterfinals of the tournament. With his back to goal, the 17-year-old Pele controlled the ball with his chest and quickly flicked it toward goal past a defender, then fired low with his right foot into the corner.


When: June 29, 1958.

Where: Solna, Sweden.

Opponent: Sweden.

How: Pele scored six goals in his first World Cup, including two in a 5-2 final win against the hosts. His first goal gave Brazil a 3-1 lead in the 55th minute, and the second was a header near the final whistle to close out the scoring. Pelé’s opening goal was his most impressive: he flicked the ball past a defender inside the box before firing steadily from near the penalty spot.


When: June 21, 1970.

Where: Mexico City.

Opponent: Italy.

How: Pelé scored his 12th and final World Cup goal with a remarkable header past Italian goalkeeper Enrico Albertosi in front of more than 107,000 people at the Estadio Azteca, opening the way for Brazil’s 4-1 victory and a third world title. Following a cross down the left wing from Rivelino, Pelé leaped high behind an Italian defender and headed the ball firmly into the corner.

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THE 1,000

When: November 19, 1969.

Where: Rio de Janeiro.

Opponent: Vasco da Gama.

How: The historic goal came from a penalty kick at the packed Maracanã Stadium. Pelé was fouled to set up the penalty, then calmly fired a low shot into the right corner in the 78th minute, handing Santos a victory of 2-1. Andrada, Vasco’s goalkeeper, hit the side but couldn’t deflect. Pelé ran to collect the ball inside the goal as reporters and photographers poured onto the pitch to record the moment. The match was stopped for several minutes. Pelé picked up the ball as it was carried away from the net and celebrated by going around the pitch near the crowd. Although it was a home game for Vasco, most of the 65,000 people in the crowd were cheering for Pelé, who dedicated the goal to the children of Brazil.


When: March 5, 1961.

Where: Rio de Janeiro.

Rival: Fluminense.

How: He became known as the Gol de Placa, now synonymous with an outstanding goal, because he received a commemorative bronze plaque at the Maracana Stadium. It was another of Pelé’s goals that went unrecorded, but reports at the time said that Pelé dribbled across most of the pitch past his opponents before finding the net to lead Santos to a 3-1 victory over Fluminense. The plaque at the Maracanã still reads: “On this pitch, on March 5, 1961, Pelé scored the most beautiful goal in the history of the Maracanã.”


When: August 10, 1976.

Where: New York.

Rival: Miami Bulls.

How: One of the few Chilean goals in Pelé’s career came in the last game the New York Cosmos played at Yankee Stadium, an 8-2 defeat of the Miami Bulls. After a cross from the right flank into the penalty area, Pelé threw his body into the air and hit the ball with his right foot over the rest of his body, sending a rocket into the net.


When: October 11, 1962.

Where: Lisbon, Portugal.

Rival: Benfica.

How: Pelé turned in a stellar performance in the decisive match against Benfica in the Intercontinental Cup, scoring three goals to lead Santos to a 5-2 victory and their first club world title. His second goal was the most impressive: he used his body to elude the first defender and then stormed into the box past two other opponents before firing a left-footed shot into the far corner.


When: October 1, 1977.

Where: East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States.

Opponent: Saints.

How: It came at his farewell game, a friendly between Santos and New York Cosmos at Giants Stadium. Pelé played a half for each team, but it was with the Cosmos that he got on the scoreboard with a strong free kick just before the break. It was one of his more than 60 goals in more than 100 games with the Cosmos.

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