Pedro Sánchez assures that “neither Trump nor Bolsonaro nor Milei will be successful” in Spain.

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, assured this Sunday that “Spain is an open and tolerant, feminist and environmentally conscious country, a lover of peace and social justice” in which “neither Trump, nor Bolsonaro, nor Bolsonaro will thrive .” “More Milei.”

Sánchez referred to the former presidents of the United States and Brazil, as well as Argentina’s newly elected head of government, during a Socialist Party (PSOE) event in Madrid to highlight “four more years of social rights” under a progressive executive in the face of criticism from the right (People’s Party) and the extreme right (Vox).

In this context, he once again defended the future amnesty law for Catalan independents, with which he believes that Spain will be a “more cohesive, coexistent and united country than ever before”, which will also benefit those who criticize the law.

The Socialists would respond to the “noise” of the position “with work, calm and composure, and to the insults with a sense of humor,” said the head of the Spanish executive, who proposed the motto “Stay calm and carry on.” “Forward)” was used by the British government in 1939 as a legislative strategy to encourage the population before the Second World War.

With information from Efe

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