Pedro Rocha’s RFEF faces a meeting today "extraordinary and urgent" analyze the Rubiales case

The Royal Spanish Football Federation begins FIFA’s disqualification of Luis Rubiales, preventing him from coaching at the top of the federation. His successor, Pedro Rocha from Extremadura, a consensus man in the RFEF, has made his decision convened this Monday “a meet “extraordinary and urgent” with the presidents of the territory to analyze the situation.

Withdrawal of testimony against Hermoso

The meeting will take place at 4 p.m in the first call and at 16:15 in the second. It takes place at the RFEF headquarters in Las Rozas and has only two points that day: “Analysis and assessment of the current situation and evaluation of the decisions or actions to be taken” and “Answers and questions”.

It’s not the first decision by Pedro Rocha, the current president of the Extremadura Football Federation, a position he will maintain from his interim position at the helm of the RFEF. Just his temporary release, he ordered Withdrawal of a statement in which the Association has filed the charges Jenny Nice of “liar” and “kidnapped”.

Who is Pedro Rocha?

Pedro Rocha, interim President of the RFEF, occupied the position of Vice President until this Saturday of the federal government. He has been the leader of Extremadura football for ten years. His discreet and forgiving character on the board has also made him the favorite of the territorial presidents, who will support him in their overwhelming majority.

Rocha took over after being that only vice president not to resign in an operation he oversaw Rubiales. “I will defend the interests of the institution more than anyone else. That’s what really counts,” Rocha says ad nauseam in his intimate circles, as reported by Prensa Ibérica’s El Periódico Extremadura.

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The instrumentalization of Rubiales

Rubiales’ suspension from “all football-related activities in 90 days” was announced by FIFA on Saturday. Also after the decision that left the Andalusian without power at the head of the RFEF was published Press releases in favor of disabled people. And this despite the fact that he cannot publicly exercise the power of the institution.

Football’s territorial managers are the ones who witnessed the conflict with Rubiales firsthand. As they realized after the gathering, they assumed the boss of Spanish football would resign. Something that did not happen. On the contrary: Rubiales used the meeting as an exercise in self-assertion.

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