Pedro Capó starts a new record cycle

With the release this Friday of his first single in six months, "Thanks", Pedro Capó starts a new record cycle with which he hopes "connect and resonate with other people" through memories and sounds of his adolescence and with his native island very present.

"We wanted to recreate that nostalgia for my childhood, for a Puerto Rican party at home with titi, cousins, cousins ​​sneaking a drink, the game of dominoes, the mix sandwiches, and celebrate that, celebrate our inner child", Account about "Thanks".

The single, the first he publishes from his next album, mixes rap with touches of rock, a fusion that represents the author’s own professional and vital career path of the 2019 hit. "Calm", which earned him diamond certifications in Mexico and the United States and multiplatinum in Latin America and Europe.

"I have fun, I always have many concerns in life and music is no exception. I love playing with different elements, from the Caribbean which is very much my own, the rap that I lived in New York for ten years, the soul, the rock of my adolescence"explains about her gift for mixing genres.

Asked if his life is a fusion in itself, the winner of the Latin Grammy in the categories "Song of the Year" and "Best Urban Fusion / Performance" of 2019, he says resoundingly: "Totally. We are chameleon people who are adapting to different realities".

Capó also believes in fate and that "everything is perfect even if it is not ideal". As the lyrics of his new single say "Thank you, blessing and thank you, everything that happens to us has a reason", and he lives "with that philosophy as a flag".

+ Hood Dynasty

There is no shortage of allusions and thanks from Puerto Rican Pedro Capó to his family. Grandson of the famous singer Bobby Capó and Miss Puerto Rico 1948, Irma Nydia Vázquez, his father, Bobby Capó Jr, was also a musician and for the author of "Thanks" (your new topic) your "hero" and role model, despite the fact that he passed away when he was 14 years old.

"I lived from bar to bar watching him play. I was always passionate about that, that bohemian life, the way he gave himself and gave himself to life, he always taught me that, that what you love consumes you, enters fully", he says excitedly.

"Being runaway in music has its magic", asserts Capó, who does not forget either in the single "Thanks" to her mother and her three children, who are her "Suns": "They move me, inspire me, teach me, I learn from them, I connect with my inner child".

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+ Latin Grammy nomination

Capó highlights the love of family, but also the romantic. His latest album, "Munay", what does it mean "love" in the Quechua language, it was released in September 2020 and is nominated for this year’s Latin Grammy as "Best Pop Vocal Album".

"The poor man lives by hope, I always have hope, who knows if we give the stick then, but I do not live clinging to that", responds closely when asked about the chances of winning the award.

The singer and actor claims to be "Surprised", Since it was "a pandemic disk" In which he could not include all the songs due to covid-19, a virus from which he was infected and that forced him to cancel concerts in Puerto Rico.

"I had to close the album in my closet at home, set up a studio, work remotely, so I was grateful. I am very excited that an album that speaks of love in all its capacities has connected in that way, that the Academy recognizes it is the last, the greatest of compliments", stresses.

Love, in his opinion, is "a universal force" that moves the world. However, reserved about his private life, he only says that his heart is now "well" and that with the Mexican Sofía Reyes, with whom he was related this summer, he only joins "a beautiful friendship".

Pedro Capó assures that he is not afraid to show his most personal side, chameleonic and runaway, and bet with his new musical project to celebrate his "inner child".

"Music is my therapy, it is like a catharsis of a certain kind and, in these moments of my life, the only way that I can share my experiences and my teachings is by talking about how things have happened to me."says the multi-diamond artist in an interview with Efe in Old San Juan.

+ Home privacy

His next album, which will be released in May 2022 and of which he prefers not to reveal many details in the interview, is already prepared and the singer-songwriter cannot be more proud of the first album he makes. "lung" and from home.

"Working from home gives a certain intimacy and a particular honesty to the album. Very happy with this new concept, this new sound that I have been exploring, which is based a little bit on my adolescence, in the 90s", he assures.

The album even has a name, one "very nice, very strong that encloses the complete disk", according to Capó, who details: "It is a story, it is a concept that goes from top to bottom, it is a photograph of these moments of my life".


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