Pedri loses his fear of the goal

Pedri loses his fear of the goal

Pedro He begins to believe in stepping on the area. Barely a week after ruling the final of the Super Cup in Riyadh goal mouth after a cross Gavipractically traced the action against Getafe after a precise cross from raphinha in another of those transitions from which the barca. The canary celebrated by making the gesture of shaving his hair. “It’s for my cousin Abraham that he is bald”, he joked at the end of a match in which the canary scored his fifth official goal of the season. Pedro thus equals, before the end of the first round, his best number of goals in a season since he came to the barca: added four in the 2020-21 season and five in the 2021-22 academic year. His goals have also given points. scored the tie in Pamplona the day of 1-2 against Osasuna and made the ‘partita goal’ against him Celtic and this Sunday before the Getafe.

It becomes clear that Pedro He has lost his fear of stepping on the area, something that he asked Xavi since he came to the bench barca. He still has to loosen up with the long shot. And that he has it, as he demonstrated before the Seville Last season. But his improvement has been greater in reading the play to accompany it and finish it off as he has shown in the last week. Determined to improve as a footballer, the canary has set out to reach double digits this season. He wants at least ten goals in a detail that is part of his progression as a footballer. Pedro is adding new records to his game. To his great ability to associate, touch and pass through his ease of profiling, he has added the long game displacement. In the semifinal of Riyadh against Betis, it was he who accelerated the 1-0 play with a spectacular pass to Dembele. In addition, she has learned to take responsibility. He also took a penalty in that shootout.

Improvements in the game, however, should not make you lose concentration. This Sunday he had a very serious mistake in a delivery to Ter Stegen that was hunted by borja mayoral. The hands to the head of the canary when the former Real Madrid player faced the German show how unaccustomed he is to this type of error. And the first, with Xavi, is to be neat. In that, Pedro He is still privileged and will always be his main asset.


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