Pedrerol takes advantage of the agitation of El Chiringuito to sow panic in the Real Sociedad

The presenter of The beach bar, Josep Pedrerol, has won a good handful of enemies in the Real society. And it is that taking advantage of the agitation of the gathering with the hangover of the Spain – France, the program director launched a worrying threat to the txuri urdin fans.

The importance given in football to the famous nickname of one club man is already known. That is, those players who play their entire professional career at the same club. In modern football it is something that is counted on the fingers of one hand and is a source of tremendous pride in a hobby.

This concept of one club man becomes especially important in the Basque Country, due to the presence of Athletic and its philosophy. The rivalry of the Royal Society and sometimes the envy that can be generated, has both groups in a constant dialectical war.

For this reason, at Real Sociedad there is a lot of bragging about Xabi Prieto, a player who rejected a thousand offers to go to bigger clubs and played his entire career at Real Sociedad. He did not even leave with the relegation to the Second Division. On the contrary, he was one of the key men in the promotion and years later led the Royal Society to Europe.

Knowing this rivalry, Pedrerol wanted to warm up El Chiringuito with an omen about Real Sociedad. After Mikel Oyarzabal’s week, with two assists against Italy and a sensational goal in the final against France, many are wondering the same thing. How long will Oyarzabal last at Real Sociedad?

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In the txuri urdin fans there are real hopes that Oyarzabal will emulate Xabi Prieto. In fact, it is said that the Real 10 has said no to Athletic, FC Barcelona and Guardiola’s City. After Pedrerol said that at El Chiringuito, the networks were filled with Real Sociedad and Athletic fans discussing the issue.

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