Now that Mbappé’s resolution is approaching, they put emotion on the Mega program so that the tension does not decline

It seems that the case Mbappe is closed since a year ago. But you have to sell newspapers, you have to do television, you have to fill in news slots in general. This question Pedrerol He handles it like nobody else, that’s why they are seeing each other posts in The beach bar that invite pessimism.

Calm Madridistas. That surely everything has been closed for months and there is no more tension than what they intend to give in The beach bar. It is totally impossible to think that the best footballer in the world as of May 17 has not signed anything for next season. No one can risk that much.

pedrerol messages
The Chiringuito plays the confusion with Mbappé

The messages of the discord of Pedrerol

However, when they have been transmitting tranquility for months from El Chiringuito, now Pedrerol’s messages seem different. You just have to look at the presenter’s latest messages on his social networks. The last one, this week: “I’m not sure,” after saying Mbappé that he will reveal his future before going to the French team’s concentration.

A few days ago he also wanted to sow discord. There was a trip by Mbappé with his family to Qatar. According to most media, to lay the foundations for his departure from PSG and to look good with the PSG family. But Pedrerol was blunt: “I don’t like this Mbappé trip.” Of course, the messages from Pedrerol do not seem reassuring.

Pedrerol stands out from the rest

But the thing does not end here. This Tuesday the front pages of many newspapers both in France and in Spain place Mbappé at Real Madrid. They assure that he is signed and that it will be announced next week. But Pedrerol and El Chiringuito, once again, distance themselves from these messages of optimism.

They have preferred to focus on a photo of Mbappé in which Sergio Ramos points to the PSG shield. It seems that Pedrerol really wants to make Real Madrid believe that the others are wrong, in order to capture everyone’s attention again. And once with the attention, return to the starting point. When a year ago he claimed that the Frenchman was signed.

Pedrerol’s messages only seek to increase the hype

In El Chiringuito de Jugones, the topic of Kylian Mbappé and Real Madrid once again gains strength, all on behalf of Josep Pedrerol. The director of the space that emits Mega has fixed a segment of the program to the signing of the Frenchman. He has named this signing as the ‘hardest in history’ and now there would be a new chapter about it.

Let us remember that there, Pedrerol has given several dates for the arrival of the 2018 World Cup champion soccer player to Santiago Bernabeu. These at the moment have not finished due to different factors, so fans are very skeptical about the issue. Now, Josep has generated a furor with a new exclusive.

Real Madrid MbappeReal Madrid Mbappe
Pedrerol knows the date on which Mbappé will sign for Real Madrid

Josep Pedrerol has given a new exclusive at El Chiringuito regarding Mbappé

In this way, it has been possible to confirm in El Chiringuito, a new date for the signing of Mbappé by Real Madrid. Pedrerol has taken advantage of the end of the day’s program to return to one of the news that fans of the merengue team are eagerly awaiting.

When it seemed that there would be no more surprises, the director of the program has revealed a photo of a decorator and interior designer of the French star. It can be seen that the crack of PSG is finalizing details for a move, where there is a box that says ‘trophies’ in his marker. This was analyzed by the journalist.

The director of the program has made clear the date of arrival of Mbappé to Real Madrid

For Pedrerol and El Chiringuito it has become clear that Mbappé would have everything ready to change destinations and sign for Real Madrid after many complications in the past. In conclusion, Josep has said that the month in which the star striker would arrive would be in July.

This is the new exclusive that now gives a lot to talk about on social networks and which has already generated several comments. At the moment, the expectation has increased for one of the movements that could generate news around the world. It could finally happen, one of the dates that Pedrerol has proposed, after several inaccuracies.


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