Pedrerol sends an intern from El Chiringuito to confuse Atlético fans

After the first leg of the Champions League, the fashionable theme splashes Simeone again

The hobby the Athletic has reasons to be a little happier but in the beach baror they cannot afford a day without controversy. After putting on a spectacular match and deserving much more than the 1-1 against Man Utd, at Athletic The most recurring theme came up again: joao felix.

The Portuguese started and made an exhibition with a great goal included. However, Simeone he replaced him with 15 minutes remaining and the result was a draw. He got a standing ovation from Wanda Metropolitan but even so, since The beach bar They went to tighten the nuts hobby the Athletic.

Chiringuito Ferran Torres
Pedrerol shakes Atletico Madrid

Atlético fans generate controversy in El Chiringuito

To do this, El Chiringuito put Álex Silvestre to ask the Atlético fans. The question was clearly intended to destabilize: Would Atlético’s fans have taken Joao Félix away? Logically, Pedrerol found what he was looking for: many would not have removed it. However, Joao Félix was on the alert and Simeone simply booked him for Old Trafford.

El Chiringuito always bothering Atlético fans

After a new epic victory in the Wanda Metropolitanthe Athletic lived a special night and The beach bar He took the opportunity to bring on stage the Cholo Simeon. After some striking statements, a talk show host Pedrerol assured that the Argentine coach was saying goodbye to his fans.

all because he cholosat the press conference after the match against Getafe, simply stated that “the people of Atlético will always want it to end as it ends”, alluding to what he thinks of those fans in the face of leaving the club. Obviously the cholos He didn’t say he was leaving, far from it.

El Chiringuito hints at the departure of Simeone from Atlético

But in El Chiringuito the controversy, and more so if it is with Simeone and Atlético, always attract the audience. Immediately a debate was formed on the networks that generated many comments on the subject. That if Simeone had to leave, that if he had to renew… all to make noise and give rise to debate.

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Simeone and Atlético are usual topics of controversy at El Chiringuito

You already know how the talk show hosts work The beach bar with situations like Cholo Simeone and the Atletico Madrid. Always in the hottest sun. When all is well Simeone It was him Athleticnobody was more important than the Argentine coach.

However, now that things are going horribly wrong, everything has changed. Even for believers like Petón, who have always defended the Cholo Simeone above anything. It didn’t matter if they lost, tied or won. Everything was always under blind trust in the Argentine.

Atlético free fall

But now the situation is very serious. Of the last 8 games, 7 have ended in defeat. The options to win 3 titles have gone with a stroke of the pen. Out of the Super Cup at the hands of Athletic, out of the Copa del Rey to fall against Real Sociedad and 16 points behind the leader in the Santander League.

Suddenly, Atlético, which surely has the best squad in its history, has only been left with the Champions League as a way to win a title this year, something that does not seem feasible today. But it is that on top of that he sees how Sevilla and Betis are firm in Champions positions and that FC Barcelona is coming hard for fourth place.

The Chiringuito is primed with Simeone

The embarrassment is of such magnitude that in El Chiringuito no mercy has been had with Simeone. “No one, whatever their name is, is above Atlético de Madrid,” said a Petón who has now gone from always defending Simeone’s speech to directly asking for his dismissal.

A change of discourse that makes it very clear that they do not have much credibility. Before Simeone was essential, even in seasons in which nothing was earned. He is now the culprit of all evil and must leave immediately. A classic, unfortunately, in this modern football.

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