Pedrerol scarf journalism in El Chiringuito borders on ridicule

In the controversial program that is broadcast on Mega there has been a situation that has given something to talk about

Joseph pedrerol always leaves concepts that generate many comments in The beach bar de Jugones and on social networks. For this reason, before the start of this space and with the end of the match between FC Barcelona and Real Sociedad, the program began with a question that has been classified as ridiculous by some users.

Let us remember that in beach bar the subject has been brought up again with Kylian Mbappé and Real Madrid and pedrerol He has not missed the opportunity to issue his concept. Likewise, he has not left aside what happens in the culé internal team, which has begun to show a better face with the passing of the matches.

Pedrerol receives criticism for an unpublished question

Josep Pedrerol generates controversy at El Chiringuito with an incredible question on the set

In this way, one of the phrases that the journalist has left in the Mega space has caused quite a commotion on social networks. “After Barcelona – Real Sociedad, is Dembélé better than Mbappé?” Undoubtedly a rather complex question that gave rise to criticism from one side and another.

This scarf journalism that Pedrerol does in El Chiringuito has not been well received by the followers of the program. They believe that he is taking advantage of the situation to generate controversy and many believe that this borders on the ridiculous. They even recognize that the comparison is irrelevant in any way.

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Dembélé’s performance was stellar, but not to compare him to Mbappé

Although Ousmané Dembélé was the great figure of the Catalans in the Copa del Rey and came out with an ovation, this would not be entirely enough to start giving him the title of determining player. His football is of moments and if the injuries allow it, he can be key with continuity. Contrary to the French star who remains constant and shone in the World Cup.

Undoubtedly, Pedrerol is not to the taste of many, but at El Chiringuito he is in charge of generating debates with questions of this type. Social networks soon fill up with comments and it’s a strategy that works perfectly for the show. Criticism, of course, has not been long in coming.

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