Nobody understands the double standards of Edu Velasco when giving his opinion about his team’s meeting at the Santiago Bernabéu

Josep Pedrerol you know you have a raw damiant in Edu Velasco, the tertullian of the Athletic on The beach bar. Because he is a guy who more than fulfills what is asked of a talkative on the fashion show. A fan, intense, controversial and with a squad of haters on social networks.

When we talk about Edu Velasco, We must differentiate a lot between the character he is in Bilbao and the one he embodies when he goes to Madrid. It is not at all the same what he defends in Tele Bilbao what in Mega. Because in Bilbao they hate him, in fact in the closest environment they say that his colors are what they pay him and not the Athletic.

Eduardo Velasco
Eduardo Velasco with Pedrerol

Tertuliano del Athletic in El Chiringuito, hater in Bilbao

But when he travels to Madrid, the El Chiringuito gathering must defend Athletic tooth and nail. Perhaps yesterday’s show is a good example. In his personal twitter and in the radio broadcast of Athletic matches, he did not stop cracking Marcelino.

What if a cheap game, what if Real Madrid scared him … However, Edu Velasco turned it around by dressing up as a chatterbox at El Chiringuito and praised Athletic. “Today Athletic had to score 6 goals at the Santiago Bernabéu. It has been a historic bath for Athletic ”, he pointed out.

The Athletic buffoon at El Chiringuito

What was already a derision in the athleticzales social networks, got worse when Pedrerol brought up a recent interview with Edu Velasco. The Athletic gathering at El Chiringuito, apparently, in his spare time makes his first steps as an imitator.

Pedrerol asked him for an example and began to imitate José María García with quite good harmony. However, he fired Butragueño, who was very difficult to understand. Pedrerol closed the program with a historical cut: “The Butragueño thing, unfortunate”, he sentenced.


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