The Mega program has run out of the Mbappé soap opera and seeks to attract attention in another way

The polemics never cease in The beach bar, as has been shown in recent months. The signing of Mbappé by Real Madrid, the goodbye of several collaborators or the accusations of Pedro the engineer are some of the most controversial issues that have taken place in the program directed by Pedrerol. But what happened in the last program goes beyond the limits of the surreal.

On this occasion the program has made a mountain out of a grain of sand. Something that has outraged viewers, who have reflected it through social networks. And it is that many of them They have criticized El Chiringuito for taking out of context some statements that were not intended with bad intentions. But the collaborators of the program of Pedrerol have been very critical of these words.

controversial beach bar
Pedrerol was very critical of Pedri’s statements

El Chiringuito does not stop inventing controversies

On this occasion everything has revolved around Pedri’s latest statements. The FC Barcelona footballer gave an interview to The Guardian in which he assured that “some clubs are satisfied with winning, no matter how they do it. But Barcelona wants to win with the idea of ​​playing the ball and creating chances. I like that football better”. Some statements that have been commented on in El Chiringuito.

As we could see, Pedrerol was one of the most critical of the footballer and even of Xavi, who also has the same vision of football. Given this, the presenter of Mega spoke about what it means to lose playing. But not only that, but he was even tougher with this idea of ​​the game, because he also considers it a taunt to the eternal rival, Real Madrid, who has recently won the League and the Champions League.

The hard stick of Pedrerol to Xavi and Pedri

As the presenter has commented, he has been very critical of these messages, which for him are directed at the white club. As he has assured, the objective of football is to put the ball in the opponent’s goal and not touch the ball. At least that’s how he understands it and that’s how it was explained to him when he was little. In this way, he has shown his anger with Pedri’s statements, because he does not understand his only vision of watching football.

It is not the first time that something like this has happened, as Xavi has previously spoken about this same situation. And it is that the coach of FC Barcelona is convinced that it is the only way to win at FC Barcelona. Something that he also uses to discredit other teams such as Atlético de Madrid or Real Madrid, with a different style of play but much more effective.


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