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PC version of GTA: Triology withdrawn from the market

PC version of GTA: Triology withdrawn from the market

Rockstar pulled the PC version of GTA: Triology from the market after the desktop launcher was offline for a few days.

At the origin of the producer’s decision, several issues related to the “inadvertent” inclusion of multiple files will be detected.

Steam Deck console postponement hurts GTA: Triology

The launch of GTA: Triology couldn’t be worse for producer Rockstar. Not only because the new version comes with a soundtrack with 47 songs less, but also that the producer was forced to remove some codes because they did not work correctly in the Unreal base.

And just when it seemed like nothing could make the situation worse, Rockstar brought the PC version of Triology off the market. Apparently, the decision comes about due to the “unintentional” integration into the game of some files that shouldn’t be there.

So after the title’s desktop launcher has been offline for a few days, the news comes that the version is not even available for sale.

On the other hand, the game suffered another major blow when it was reported that the launch of the Steam Deck console was going to be delayed for two months due to the crisis of shortages of components. For this reason, console users only start receiving the new unit in February.

GTA IV remastering scheduled for 2023

Although Rockstar is being hit with several hard knocks in the GTA: Triology title, nothing seems to dissuade the producer from his future plans. According to leaker RalphsValve, Rockstar is already gearing up to release a GTA IV remaster for 2023.

There is still more than a year to go, but perhaps the developer will need all this time to ensure that the GTA IV remaster does not suffer from the same setbacks that the GTA: Triology title faces.

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