PC players are said to have a higher IQ than those on PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch!

Studying is fun, if not really serious. Online gambling expert Royal Panda explains that he carried out an “in-depth” study to find out the average intelligence quotient of players according to their platform. And according to this study, intelligence is clearly on the side of PC players! What explains why Cyberpunk 2077 on the console is so pixelated? Coincidence? We don’t believe it!

We repeat, this study is nothing very serious – it just had the merit of having a lot of fun. Therefore, we invite you to understand what it is: a moment of relaxation between reading two stories, nothing more – and we apologize in advance if you think we are delayed for nothing (immediately click on another article, if you are!). The Royal Panda website is a site specializing in gambling. We emphasize in passing that the games that the site offers, prohibited to minors, cause addiction – it is imperative to define its rules and limits if you play and in case of excessive gambling problem, please contact for assistance.

Royal Panda commissioned a study that finally aims solve this question that has plagued us for years: who are the smartest players? PlayStation, PC, Xbox or Nintendo players? The website explains: “If you’ve ever played online games, you probably met players who really lack intellectual capacity, which cost goals, points or a big win. As more and more people play solo or multiplayer, we work with professional psychologists to administer a completely remote IQ test (sic) for 1,001 players and technology users ”.

PC players dominate IQ tests, the opposite of smartphone players!

A complete program! The result ? “PC players were the most intelligent overall, averaging 112.3.explains the website. The rest of the ranking includes PlayStation 4 players, Xbox players and Nintendo Switch players. Smartphone players are on average below the IQ 100 mark (99.4).

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Credit: Royal Panda

In detail, PC gamers seem to express themselves better than others and generally do better in math. Perhaps because good calculation skills are needed to find the price of a decent configuration based on Nvidia RTX 3090! PS4 players would be better at logical and visual reasoning. Xbox players take the bronze medal, with the team’s flatter skill combination. As for Switch players and smartphones, it seems that it is not even worth talking about.

Credit: Royal Panda

Then you tell yourself: the provocation has lasted a long time … but no! The site continues and gives a rating of the IQ of the players according to the games. The top 5 smartest players would therefore be, in order, those of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (120.3), Between Us (118.9), Minecraft (116.3), COD Modern Warfare (111, 2), Fifa (106.5) and … Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout (105.8). Finally, we learned without much surprise that female players are, on average, more intelligent than male players (108.4 against 102.3). And the study ends with a competitive troll that will certainly be commented on in the comments.

Credit: Royal Panda

Yes, Android smartphone users are significantly smarter than iPhone users. BUT Mac users clearly dominate Windows PC users. Now you know everything. It remains to be seen what you will do with it!

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