Payment methods to sell online throughout Europe

Internationalization continues to be the pending issue for many e-commerce. Obviously it is possible to sell all over the world, however, Europe is usually the target market for many Spanish e-commerce companies who want to start their international experience.

Depending on the sector in which e-commerce is focused, you can multiply the size of your target market by up to 20. In addition, the European market has a series of advantages such as, for example, delivery times and shipping costs, quite reasonable compared to other regions.

One of the most sensitive parts of the online sales in Europe it is precisely the moment of payment. Charging customers residing in a European country means adapting ecommerce by offering those popular payment methods in each country, with which the consumer feels more comfortable and familiar, and in this sense, the most advanced online payment platforms already offer a battery of online payment methods that go beyond paying by credit or debit card. PAYCOMETFor example, it already has more than 20 payment methods from around the world that you can easily integrate into your ecommerce.

Next, we review some of the main payment systems that will help you sell online in Europe and increase the conversion rate.

How to sell online in Europe

The card as the only payment method in ecommerce, is a thing of the past. For an ecommerce to be competitive in the European market, it must incorporate a series of alternative payment solutions to the card, which will be different depending on the country from where the purchase is made.

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These three of the most popular payment methods in Europe:


One of the most popular means of payment in the Netherlands is iDEAL. Its main characteristic is that it is backed by the main Dutch banks, thus guaranteeing complete trust and security among buyers. Pay with iDEAL It does not need any prior registration, since the money is transferred immediately from the consumer’s own online bank.


The popular Sofort payment method, currently acquired by the Klarna group and dubbed Klarna Pay Now, has been a favorite among Germans for years due to its high level of security. For pay with Klarna Pay Now no need to register or open an account. The funds are immediately transferred from the buyer’s online account to the seller’s.


It is a digital payment platform that has the support of the main banking and government entities in Germany. Pay with Giropay It is a simple process in which the buyer must enter their website and choose the bank from which they wish to make the payment. A completely secure environment in which the user will need their online banking password to authorize the operation.

Without a doubt, online payment methods are on the rise and are one of the key factors in increasing e-commerce conversion, as well as a great ally to combat the cart abandonment rate.

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