Who would say that an encounter on a road would be linked to the unbreakable bond of seven births. Who knew Haryana embraces simplicity and Common Wealth heavylifting champion Sangram Singh, Gujarat bindaas and outspoken beauty Payal Rohatgi would go ahead and become each other. Although the thinking is different, the personality is different, the work is different, but there is so much love and respect for each other that Sangram Singh and Payal Rohatgi are putting the seal of marriage on their relationship of 12 years.

Yes, this is nothing short of happy news for fans of Payal and Sangram that on July 9, 2022, they will both be bound in the priceless bond of marriage. Recently, Sangram Singh announced this and said, “We were getting married before, on my birthday, that is, July 21, but according to the Hindu religion and the date, the Muhurtas of July 8 and 9 are very auspicious. So we’re getting married.” on July 9. The wedding will take place anywhere in Gujarat, Haryana or Rajasthan.

Payal and Sangram say that “We want to give a message to every couple that marriage is not the meaning of just three words that can be expressed by saying I love you only with red roses in your hands. Marriage is the union of two souls. Know that you have to go through the beautiful journey of life together. If yes, then just get married. Otherwise, take some time and think. Marriage gives respect to the person you love and trust that your partner trusts. You have to support your partner in all the ups and downs of life, this trust is the foundation of marriage and this trust is the sign of true love.

Let us tell you that Payal Rohatgi recently joined the reality show Lock Up. Payal was much loved on the show. He was often seen talking about her and Sangram’s relationship on the show.


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