Pay with XRP in 90 million stores: Spanish crypto exchange launches payment card

You can now pay with XRP for goods and services in over 90 million stores around the world. This is possible with a payment card from Bit2Me, a Spain-based crypto exchange. It is a normal Mastercard payment card, which therefore works with Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency.

Not just a physical card

It’s not just about a physical card. You can also choose to put a digital equivalent of the payment card in your phone. With this you can then, thanks to the Mastercard payment network, make payments with the card all over the world. Ultimately, these are the steps needed to take cryptocurrencies like XRP to the next level in terms of adoption.

The payment card announcement also reveals that users can get a 9 percent cashback when they use the card. Bit2Me announces that the 9 percent cashback will be paid out in the form of all kinds of different cryptocurrencies.

Incidentally, it is not only possible to pay with XRP with the payment card of the Spanish exchange platform. You can also pay with Bitcoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, Tether, Ethereum and the B2M exchange token. An interesting development, although the cashback of 9 percent can be called remarkably high.

Withdraw money

You can also use the payment card at ATMs to withdraw money, as long as the machines in question support Mastercard. There is also a mobile application with the card, which customers of the crypto exchange can use to set which crypto they want to pay with. Leif Ferreira, the CEO and co-founder of Bit2Me says the payment card is the result of two years of intensive development.

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“To make this happen, we had to adapt the transaction flow so that customers can pay cryptocurrencies to make instant payments and create transparency for businesses. Furthermore, we managed to add a 9 percent cashback to the payment card,” says an optimistic Ferreira.

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