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Pay bills with bitcoin? In this city it is possible

Rekeningen betalen met bitcoin? In deze stad kan het

For residents of the American city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, it is now possible to pay their bills with bitcoin (BTC)† This decision came after the city’s mayor and city council learned more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Mayor Deaglan McEachern is eager to embrace bitcoin and digital money. For that reason, he now offers residents of his city the opportunity to pay bills with BTC. McEachern himself came up with the proposal and the idea was taken up positively. Residents of Portsmouth get more payment options this way. Mayor McEachern made the following statement in a news report from Seacostonline

“There are new things that will influence our future that will leverage the kind of technology used in cryptocurrency. I want to make sure Portsmouth doesn’t wait to see how this will affect us in the future, because it’s already affecting us.”

As mentioned, the decision to accept bitcoin payments came after a closer study of crypto and blockchain in Portsmouth. In particular, the focus was on how its use can improve the city’s services. Payments that the city receives in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are, however, converted to the US dollar. The rapidly changing rates will thus have no impact on the city and the budget.

Pro bitcoin mayors in the US

Deaglan McEachern is certainly not the first mayor in the United States to be pro bitcoin. So announced Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami announced in November that he was going to receive his next paycheck in bitcoin. Eric Adams, the mayor of New York even went the extra mile. Adams, who has long been known for his positive attitude towards crypto, decided to give his first 3 salaries in bitcoin and ethereum (ETH) receive.

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