Seeing what’s happening in professional sports, especially kid’s baseball, wrinkled the hearts of anyone who played in the decades before this one. In the previous decades neither the child nor the family had to worry about anything, except to recreate and enjoy the ball pure and healthy. There was no pressure except to compete; There was not so much offer, information, so many greedy and greedy eyes betting on the popular Julio 2. The children played, interacted, learned, had fun, lost or won, they simply enjoyed.

Today the priority is not the same. Today the priority is not education or academic preparation but getting into the raffle of the firmadera. In my youth I saw many players sign, including relatives, but already at a level of bozos, of carrying ID, of having a driver’s license and a certain sense of assuming responsibility. Today, these profiles are becoming more and more scarce. Today children are no longer allowed to develop organically but rather the bad way; today they no longer wait for puberty but rather force it; today the priority is to inflate and lengthen your muscles and bones but not your spirit or your brain. And pay attention to what? Attentive to nothing, but greed is weighing more than mature and sensible minds.

Are you aware that parents are selling their children as a merchant? Are you aware that parents are violating the basic rights that a child should have to “play sports, play and enjoy a healthy environment,” among other rights that are within the 10 basics. Children do not know what they should decide, what is best for their well-being, what is convenient for them, that is the responsibility of the parents, grandparents, caregivers, mentors or those responsible for the minor. Are you aware that we are betraying sports childhood in baseball?

The society we sow today is the one we will cultivate tomorrow. And the seeds we are currently planting do not look promising. What’s the point of continuing to produce players if we don’t save their lives first?

“And because wickedness has multiplied, the love of many will grow cold.” St. Matthew 24:12




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