Paulo Roberto signs for his ‘maximum rival’

The team from Cartagena Jimbee Cartagena will present this Wednesday the signing of Paulo Roberto Marqués Roris (55 years old, Rio de Janeiro), at 12:15 in the VIP Room of the Palacio de los Deportes. The Spanish-Brazilian will go on to lead the institutional, strategic and sponsorship relations of the Clubworking hand in hand with the directive.

This decision has raised controversy among the most faithful of the Murcian ham group, ElPozo Murcia, just before the derby this Saturday at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia (12:00). Paulo is considered one of the best players ever of this sport. He managed to be named top scorer in the futsal league five times. the former player He has been a member of ElPozo Murcia for more than 10 seasons (1994-2005), although after his retirement, he remained on the club’s board until 2009.

The rivalry between neighboring teams has been present since the existence of both, hence many Cartagena fans consider Paulo “anticartagenero” and are against its incorporation. Although, another part indicates the opposite and highlights how good this futsal star will bring to the team. In fact, it was in the year 2000, when Roberto scored the winning goal in a derby held in the old ‘Bombonera’, which sparked controversy among the rival fans (a sentiment that some of the team’s followers have not forgotten). . However, Paulo was already present with Cartagena in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey.

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Also, this It is not the first incorporation that Jimbee has made from ElPozo. A few days ago it was done official the signing of Darío Gil for the next season and until 2026. It is the the same path followed by Jesús Izquierdo, Juanpi or the goalkeeper, Raul Jerez.

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