Paulino and Germán win top honors Marathon Xtreme

In an atmosphere of harmony and fellowship, the Naco Xtreme Marathon was held for the tenth consecutive year, called 8 laps around the Naco Club, where the athletes, Luz Paulino, in women, and Guido Germán, in men, took the highest honors by taking the first places.

In the female category, Luz Paulino had a time of 29.30, while in the male branch the first place was obtained by Guido Germán, with a time of 24.51

Dozens of members of the Naco Sports Club enjoyed and participated in the X Naco Xtreme Marathon, called 8 laps around the facility, which began at nine in the morning and started from the front door.

The main words were pronounced by the President of the Club, Dr. Luis Miguel Pou Guerra, while the official exit was made by Mr. Ernesto Martínez, Treasurer of the Board.

Michelle Báez, president of Naco Xtreme, thanked the support in this tenth edition and the commitment to continue improving the quantity and quality of the activities of that Sports League.

Edgar Martínez, coach of Naco Xtreme, said he was proud of all his athletes, who give themselves at all times, demonstrating the high competitive level.

The most anticipated category is called Naco Xtreme, where time is only set for those members who regularly practice this discipline at the club.

Here are the winners in each category:

Category 20-29 women, Amelia Piantini 39:18, Category 30-39 women. Ideslsa Martínez 33: 18.6, Category 40-49 women, Johanna Zaiter 27: 56.0, Category 50-59 women, Juana Janett Paula 31: 48.0, Category 60 and more women, Enma Martínez 37: 27.7, category 16-19 male, Diego Cabrera Ortiz 23: 23.3, category 20-29 male, Julio Arranz González 21: 01.3, category 30-39 male, Luis Gregory Fernández 26: 38.6, category 40-49 male, Jorge Selmo Peña 20: 40.5, category 50-59 male, Cesar Cordero 21: 47.5, category 60 and male. Julio Espaillat Lararche 21: 32.7.

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