Home Sports Paula Arcos: “We have a semifinal and here nothing is given away”

Paula Arcos: “We have a semifinal and here nothing is given away”

Merche Castellanos was the mainstay of the Spanish handball team in the quarterfinals of the Women’s World Cup. In Granollers, the Las Guerreras goalkeeper gave a recital that was key in the victory against Germany (26-21) with a total of twelve stops That he appreciated this way before the Teledeporte microphones.

Game: “It was very good. It is true that it is very important that the goal and defense are good. It has been the key to this game, although in attack we have had streaks stuck.”

Comeback: “It was a matter of time and patience for things to come out. We didn’t start very well and when things started to turn out in attack, everything went smoothly.”

Management: “We have managed to manage the advantage. In attack we lost balls, but then in defense we recovered.”

Fifth semifinal: “I am very happy. I want to thank my family, my grandmother who follows me a lot, my parents and my sister who are here and all the people who support us.”

Rival: “Whoever comes will be a very difficult opponent. We will try to play our tricks.”

Paula Arcos: “I bring all my strength, whether it turns out well or badly”

Emotion: “Tears of joy, totally. I am very happy for all the work that the team has been doing since we concentrated. We had a very good feeling winning the game in Germany and I think it has helped us to play the duel today.”

MVP: “When I go out on the field I try to give 100%, out of respect for my teammates I try not to make mistakes and contribute all my strength, whether it goes well or it goes wrong. The two goals from the beginning maybe made the team pull up”

Plenary of Spain: “I don’t know if we will become world champions, but in two days we have a semifinal and once here nothing is given away.”

Rival: “We don’t prefer anyone. We want the game to go in our favor and be able to be in the final.”

Carmen Campos: “We are in the semifinals and we are not satisfied”

Joy: “I really wanted to play this game and go to the semifinals. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to be there in my first World Cup.

Head: “We have to go game by game, we did not want to think further. But we have won, we are in the semifinals and we are not satisfied. We want more.”

Rotations: “It was difficult for us to get into the game because of the importance it entails. The good thing about this team is that it doesn’t matter who comes out, we share everything and we are all important.”

Rival: “If we want to be world champions, we must win them all.”

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