Paul Anderson was spotted in London leaving his fans worried about his appearance

Paul Anderson He was captured by the New York Post walking the streets of London and his appearance attracted widespread attention.

The British actor achieved great recognition for his role as “Arthur Shelby” in Peaky Blinders. There he was the brother of “Tommy Shelby”, the protagonist of the series he played Cillian Murphy.

Although his appearance in the production, which aired between 2013 and 2022, undoubtedly managed to boost his career in the entertainment industry, his recent behavior has overshadowed his great performance.

Paul Anderson

Photo: Instagram/boyceyboycey

The pictures of Paul Anderson in London are worrying his followers

New York Post photographed the 48-year-old artist in London and the pictures show that he has lost a lot of weight and looks a bit disoriented.

It wasn’t long ago that he was convicted of drug possession, so many of his fans believe that the use of psychoactive substances is the main reason for his remarkable change.

Recall that Paul had to appear in court last January after he was arrested by police on December 26 outside a pub in London, where crack, cocaine, amphetamines and two prescription drugs were found: diazepam and pregabalin.

During the trial, Anderson pleaded guilty and was fined £1,345 (approximately $1,704).

At the time, the British defense denied that the actor had used crack, saying that “people often give him incentives because of his lifestyle, so he found himself in an unfortunate situation and should have had the strength to say no.”

In addition, Paul Anderson’s lawyer Moira MacFarlane said that the artist is very interested in his character Peaky Blinders and is “doing his best to satisfy the fans of the series.”

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When the actor’s photos went viral, his hundreds of followers on social media expressed their concern for the British actor and ensured that he needed help as soon as possible.

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