Pau denies the current NBA: “The essence has been lost”

The story is by Pau Gasol. His number 16 retired at the top of the Crypto Arena, along with the two of Kobe Bryant (8 and 24), is the culmination of an extraordinary sports career, that of the best Spanish basketball player ever. The most iconic franchise and the biggest market in the NBA, that of the Lakers, has decided to pay homage with this great honor to a power forward who won his two rings with the ones in purple and gold (2009 and 2010) alongside Kobe , with Phil Jackson on the bench and Staples still delivered to the Spaniard, key in that seventh game against the Celtics that will be forever remembered.

The interviews and tributes have not stopped happening since it was announced that Pau’s shirt would be withdrawn and the date of the event was known, which has had an enormous impact within Spanish sport and an extraordinary follow-up, as well as deserved. And the talks with journalists from all over the world have not been lacking at any time, with Pau reviewing his incredible sports career and remembering his great momentsboth with the Lakers jersey and in his previous years, later or in his time in the National Team.

The one who could not be missing from that string of interviews was, of course, Antoni Daimiel. The journalist who introduced, together with Andrés Montes, the NBA in Spain and a man who has covered the entire career of Pau Gasol, with whom he was in Movistar + for the great talk of two intrinsic figures in Spanish basketball, one from the court and the other from the microphone. In this interview, Pau reviews everything he has experienced in the last 25 years and talks about the emotions he felt when he saw his shirt removed: “It was very special. A huge, magical emotional charge. Very intense. I lived it in a very strong way, I tried to savor it to the fullest. I felt something that I had not felt in my sports career. Very thankful. They are very special things that one lives, including everyone who has accompanied them in person or from home. I hope you could feel the magnitude of the moment. It’s one of those times in life when you say ‘I’ve experienced something special’”.

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The eldest of the Gasols also spoke about current basketball and commented that he does not like the dynamics in which the game has entered: “I want to think and believe that they are cycles. People like novelty, change. Now high scores, dynamic play, three-kick shots are widely promoted. It is now what rewards. Even NBA commentators, who have played, say that the defense has disappeared. Does not matter. It is to see who puts more. I don’t quite like that the essence of this game is lost, which is playing as a team, moving the ball, that there is an inside-outside balance. A little more tactics. Before, you would shoot in the first 8 seconds of possession or a triple on a fast break without an offensive rebound and they would send you to the bench so you could think about it a bit.”. Comments that have gone viral in recent days due to Pau’s assessment of current basketball.

Pau, who thinks that his brother Marc shares the same philosophy as him, has also commented on the fact that LeBron James was absent on the day his shirt was removed. The Lakers star was not even present at the Crypto Arena to see his team (he is injured), since he had permission from the team to see his son’s game. “I didn’t know LeBron wasn’t there, someone mentioned it to me, but I didn’t realize it either. It wasn’t relevant to me”, assured Paul. It was, after all, a small detail in an absolutely historic night.

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