Home Sports Patricky mutes Dublin: knocks out Queally in two rounds

Patricky mutes Dublin: knocks out Queally in two rounds

Crónica de Bellator 270: Queally vs Patricky Pitbull

He climbed into the cage and with the index finger of his right hand silenced the crowd that packed the 3Arena in Dublin. Patricky ‘Pitbull’ Freire had just silenced the stadium. He went to his rival’s house Peter Queally, and knocked him out in two rounds. That undeniable triumph allows him to touch glory for the first time in his career. At 35 he was proclaimed lightweight champion. It happens in history to his brother Patricio, who decided to renounce the title after giving up the featherweight title (he had both) and when he saw that he was cutting his brother. He stepped aside and allowed Patricky to pull on his first girdle.

The atmosphere was brutal throughout the night and in the stellar combat there was a brutal ecstasy. Queally came out to the cage with the chords of Zombie from the group The Cranberries. “In your head, in your head, zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie …”, the audience sang for a long time. In fact, lhe presentation of the Brazilian was buried by that song a cappella. Everything was designed for the Irishman to end the night as king, but Freire prevented it. The first round was very close. None wanted to risk and they were exchanging shrapnel. Patricky focused on the blows to the float zone (he left his opponent’s liver area red) and the local on the lead leg.

Everything was even before a second round that had everything. In the first approach, Queally accidentally stuck his finger in the eye of Freire, who needed medical assistance.. It took a while, but he recovered. Both came out revolutionized and in the first crossing with both calmer the fight was over. Patricky landed a right hand that sat Queally. The Irishman got up quickly, but was only able to take cover and begin to back against the cage. A hurricane named Patricky Freire ran over him until the referee stopped the fight. “I am the new champion, I am number one,” snapped the newly released lightweight monarch. He stormed Dublin to touch gold for the first time. Perfect night for Patricky.

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