Pat Cummins spoke out for the first time about Justin Langer’s resignation, gave a big statement about his training

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Pat Cummins and Justin Langer

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  • Pat Cummins thinks Justin Langer is a legend who loves Australia
  • Cummins, who became Australia’s captain before the Ashes series, was criticized for not supporting Langer.

Australia Test captain Pat Cummins believes that Justin Langer is an Australia-loving legend and the reason for his departure from the head coaching role was not the strict style of coaching. Cummins, who became Australia’s captain before the Ashes series against England, has been heavily criticized by former players for not supporting Langer.

“Talking about a decision that Cricket Australia had not yet made would have made things worse for Cricket Australia and the team,” Cummins said in a statement. I never do that. I think the sanctity of the locker room should be upheld.

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Langer resigned on Saturday. Later, in a statement, he also apologized for any problems his style might cause players.

Cummins said: “Justin admitted that his style was strict and that was it. He also asked about the players and the staff. I think there was no need to apologize.

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“There was no problem with his style as he is so in love with Australia and Baggy Green. He is an Australian cricket legend and has set high standards for the team.


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