Pastry: Jean-Paul Hévin has prepared a P’tit mousse for the start of the school year

School starts again soon. To help children adopt a new rhythm, pastry chocolate maker Jean-Paul Hévin has thought of a small snack that will bring his touch of comfort.

His new version of his pastry for the month of September is presented as a mousse cake, topped with small vessels of all colors. Very light, this delicacy is made of a creamy dark chocolate mousse in a milk chocolate shell on a crème brûlée base with a slight coffee taste.

To educate children about sustainable development, the cocoa beans used have crossed the ocean in a sailing freighter, from the state of Tabasco in Mexico. This ecological transport project reduces the carbon footprint by 90%.

It was made possible thanks to the Breton company Towt, specializing in the transport of goods by sail. As for the coffee, it comes from Colombian organic production.

This dessert, which is served with a spoon, is available from September 7 until October 31

P’ti Mousse café / chocolat, Jean-Paul Hévin, from € 22 (in shops and on

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