Passes and fails of Barcelona: unit B does the ‘harakiri’

Ter Stegen: The German goalkeeper is losing any chance of a record. With the two goals against Valladolid, he has six in the last three days. The situation is being so worrying that Xavi decided to change him in the second half so that he would not count the 60 minutes, which could end up hurting him in the face of the average for Zamora. The truth is that in the two goals that he conceded he could do little, since one was at Christensen’s own goal and the other from a penalty.

Sergi Roberto: He played only 45 minutes. The one from Reus proved to be at a very deficient level in every way. He is now himself an inconsequential player at all levels. The most worrying thing is that next year he will be the first captain.

Christensen: He scored a great goal. The only problem is that he was his own goal. The Dane couldn’t have started the game worse. Then he recovered, and completed a correct match, trying to make up for his mistake with a header that Masip miraculously cleared, putting just the right hand.

Mark Alonso: The former Chelsea player has shown that as a left center he has more mistakes than hits. He is entering that dangerous zone of being a player who broadcasts zero security back.

Bucket: The winger tried to give depth and verticality to the game, but with little success. At least this time he played in the left lane, although it wasn’t that noticeable either.

Eric: The experiment as a defensive midfielder didn’t work as well as it did on the day for Elche. The ex of the City demonstrated that he lacks automatisms to associate and move with criteria in the field. A solution with little travel. Defensively he was a real strainer, with Gonzalo Plata’s penalty as the culmination.

Frenkie de Jong: He ended up decentered and waging war on his own after seeing the ineffectiveness of his companions. Bad game from the Dutchman, although it wasn’t his fault,

Paul Tower: The young Cantabrian tried many things, but hardly anything came out. It is clear that with his youth he needs more minutes, but at Barcelona he is not going to have them. He smacks of assignment next year.

raphinha: He was the one who tried the most or at least the one who most wanted to mark Masip. He ended up being replaced, raising his fist high and with a special dedication to Vinicius. The dedication cost him the yellow.

Lewandowski: The Pole suffered a lot in Pucela, due to the uselessness of his teammates. The ‘pichichi’ may not be in danger, since he ended up ‘wetting’, scoring his 23rd goal, but his game was more than discreet.

Gavi: He is finishing the season practically exhausted. This wear and tear is showing on the field and in what way. Little prominence and even less participation.


Inaki Pena: He left after the break, conceding one more goal.

Kessie: The Ivorian is more and more outside the club.

ferran: Bad. Nothing new.

Dembele: The French did not contribute practically anything.

fati: Came out in the trash minutes.

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