Passes and fails from Sevilla: calm down, Bono was there

Bond: Those three little fingers to Belotti that will not appear in any statistics because the referee did not give a corner, that save for Spinazzola as soon as the game began, that little walk around the referees while the penalty shootout was being drawn… Oh, and he saved two in the batch If there was a nervous Sevilla player, he has no idea about football, his Seville or his goalkeeper.

Navas: The best offensive weapon of Sevilla, the heaviest in the world, the relief of his teammates, the one who gave the pass that a Roman got inside because he was clumsy… The captain of Sevilla, the definition of a football legend, but really.

badé: Clumsy with the ball at his feet but surviving the fight with the Roma attackers.

Gudelj: He went to all of them for real and took blows of all colors. Her commitment and her dedication have silenced the mouths of many. The first, from the one who signs this article.

telles: His line-up due to the loss of Acuña had Sevilla open-mouthed, but it cannot be said that he played a bad game. He peeked just above, but back he worked a lot.

Ferdinand: What a footballer, the mother who gave birth to him.

rakitic: The same thing that has been said of Navas can be said of him. What if he lacks rhythm, if he is slow, if he is older… What he is is fed up with winning titles.

ocampos: Lucas Ocampos is an Argentine soccer player who was transferred to Ajax at the beginning of the season so that his place in the squad would be occupied by a man who answers to the name of Januzaj. And that he came back in January. And that now he is European champion again. And that he made a great game.

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oliver: He had to play when Roma was fresh and he couldn’t shine even though he tried.

Bryan Gil: They covered it very well and no matter how hard he tried, he found no holes.

In Nesyri: More was expected of him in the final, but despite the fact that he did not have many chances, he scared with his passing game


lick it: Fresh legs to perfectly understand the match.

Suso: There are Roma players who have not yet found out that they have danced.

Rekik: Solvency and security on the left.

montiel: Absolutely ridiculous that the first penalty that he misses as a professional has to be repeated and ends up meaning a title. That kind of thing that only happens if you play for Sevilla and in the Europa League.

marked: He came out to clear two fouls and it wasn’t necessary because his teammates took care of it.

Jordan: The old donkey has another title more than to pass through the face of all those who continue to mock the aggression she suffered.

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