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Passengers who get six vaccinations can come to the United States

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U.S. officials have released a list of six vaccines, saying travelers who have received the vaccine can travel to the United States.

International travelers who have been vaccinated with the 6-crore vaccine approved by the United Nations have also been allowed to travel to the United States. The FDA and WHO-approved vaccine administrators will be allowed to enter the United States, the agency said.

The US regulator FDA has approved Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. It should be noted that the White House had announced the lifting of travel bans on 33 countries on September 20.

Earlier in September, a White House official said that fully vaccinated passengers would be able to enter the United States from November. The official said the United States intends to allow non-US citizens from countries that have been banned from entering the country since last year.

The United States will allow travelers from the United Kingdom, the European Union and other countries to come with a relaxation of its Corona virus travel restrictions.

Under the new rules, foreign passengers will be required to show proof of pre-flight vaccination, obtain a negative Covid 19 test result within three days of travel and provide their contact information.

No passenger will need to be quarantined. The new policy will also include some exceptions, such as those children who are not eligible for the vaccine will be exempted from the rules.

The United States imposed travel bans on travelers from China in early 2020. These restrictions were later extended to other countries with the spread of the corona virus.

Most non-US citizens who have lived in the UK and other European countries, China, India, South Africa, Iran and Brazil for the past 14 days are currently barred from entering.


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