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Pas-de-Calais: Internet users are mobilizing to save a puma from a death ordered by the prefect

His hours seem numbered. A puma on the run in the Arras district (Pas-de-Calais) sparked a wave of support on the Internet. The prefecture gave the right to slaughter the animal.

“A stray animal has been spotted several times between Frévent and Auxi-le-Château”, communicated the prefecture on social networks.

Since last October 13, the wild animal is elusive and “sampling shots” have been authorized in order to get their hands on it. A practice usually used to allow the regulation of a species, clarified France 3 Hauts-de-France.

The prefect therefore gave the right to slaughter the animal until October 29.

The move prompted the launch of an online petition last weekend. This Monday morning, she collected more than 16,800 signatures. In the description, the author (s) underline the fact that “at present, no attack, whether on humans or on an animal, has been deplored”.

Impossible to put her to sleep according to the prefecture

“In the United States, the puma is one of the endangered species, several branches of which have already disappeared from the continent,” the petition added.

On social networks, and in particular Twitter, Internet users have taken over the petition and are protesting against the order of the prefecture. Most ask for an alternative solution, such as putting the animal to sleep for example.

“Why kill this poor animal which did not find itself there and not try to put it to sleep to capture it instead ?!” Asked a tweeter.

Contacted by the regional media, the prefecture explained that this hypothesis was not possible because “according to the veterinarian, it is necessary to be able to accommodate a hypodermic syringe, that implies a shot at 20 meters maximum from the animal”. However, “nobody knows how to do that on a beast whose temperament we do not know, and obviously that does not seem reasonable to us”, replied the administration of Pas-de-Calais.

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