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Paris: the Booking platform ordered to pay 1.2 million euros to the City

Paris: the Booking platform ordered to pay 1.2 million euros to the City

The tourist reservation platform Booking.com was sentenced this Monday, October 18 to a fine of 1.234 million euros for non-compliance with the tourism code, which must be paid in full to the City of Paris.

The Paris judicial court in fact considered that Booking had “disregarded” certain provisions of the Tourism Code by not transmitting certain information to the City of Paris, in particular the number of days during which furnished tourist accommodation was subject to ‘a location.

“Booking has never transmitted its data”

A victory for the Parisian municipality which has been trying for several years to fight against the business of furnished tourist accommodation, which deprives the Parisian real estate market of housing accessible for long-term rental every year.

“Since the enactment of the Elan law, tourist rental platforms have been asked to send us exhaustive data on their rentals, in particular on the number of lodgings rented and over what period. Something that Booking has never done, even though it was required by law, finding technical excuses not to do it, ”explains Ian Brossat.

For the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing, who is pleased to have obtained their conviction while approximately 3,000 apartments according to the City’s estimates are rented on Booking, “the idea is thus to constrain the platform. form to be perfectly transparent about the number of apartments for rent ”. And this, among other things, so that the City then “can check whether these apartment rentals comply” with the rules required by the municipality (120 nights max …).

Other platforms concerned

Note, however, that “the dispute relates to the years 2019 and 2020”, underlines Ian Brossat, who specifies that in 2021, Booking had ended up transmitting the data. On these dates, seven other platforms – including TripAdvisor and Homeaway – were also in the sights of the municipality for the same reasons and remain for the moment not condemned.

A court decision, which comes a little over 3 months after the furnished tourist accommodation platform Airbnb was ordered last July to pay 8 million euros to the City of Paris for having published illegal ads, that is to say published without the registration number, however mandatory. Sum that the City has just received.

“After Airbnb, it is Booking which is condemned”, finally rejoiced the Communist deputy, who is satisfied that “the law of the market” is “not superior to the law of the Republic”.

For its part, the Dutch group Booking said it was “disappointed with the decision”, and indicated that it has worked “in close collaboration with the City of Paris since then to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the data that we share and for s ‘ensure that we fully comply with all our legal obligations in France ”.

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