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Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo is leaving X because she sees it as a “weapon of mass destruction for our democracies.”

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo is leaving X because she sees it as a “weapon of mass destruction for our democracies.”

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgoannounced last Monday in a forum published in the newspaper Le Monde who leaves the social network

The socialist leader explained that Twitter was initially “a revolutionary tool,” but currently “the social network and its owner are acting deliberately to exacerbate tensions and conflicts.” A direct allusion to Elon Musk without explicitly mentioning the tycoon who took over the social network in October 2022.

Hidalgo recalled that in 2009 she was one of the first French politicians to create an account on Twitter where she had one and a half million followers, but denounced that since then, X has experienced a “list of deviations” that, in her opinion, ” infinite.” .

“Manipulation, misinformation, amplifying hate impulses, organized harassment, demonstrated anti-Semitism and racism, groups attacking scientists, climatologists, women, environmentalists, progressives and anyone seeking a calm political debate,” the socialist leader continues. All this, he added, “without forgetting the daily foreign interference that interferes in electoral processes and threatens our democracies by trying to destabilize them.”

“Let’s make no mistake. “There is a very clear political project that wants to ignore democracy and its values ​​in favor of powerful private interests,” emphasized Hidalgo. “With its thousands of anonymous accounts and its troll farms, what is happening in X is not democratic life, but exactly the opposite.”

For Hidalgo, “controversies, rumors and gross manipulations now determine the public debate, driven by the X algorithm, in which only the number of likes counts.” What do the facts count? For these reasons, he left X permanently, but will continue “on other social networks where there is still respectful dialogue.” Finally, the city council called on citizens to immerse themselves in “real democracy”, that is, local councils, meetings or conferences with real discussions between people.

The Socialist Party’s candidate for the April 2022 presidential election, in which she achieved the party’s worst historical result with less than 2% of the vote, is not the only French politician to have left this social network. In June last year Manuel Valls, decided to deactivate his account after he was defeated in the general elections as deputy for the 5th French constituency abroad, which includes Spain, Portugal, Monaco and Andorra. The former prime minister wrote: “Goodbye Twitter,” although for different reasons than Hidalgo.

However, outside the borders of France there is a case similar to that of the Paris mayor. It happened a few months ago in Slovenia. The party of the environmentally conscious prime minister Robert Golobthe Freedom Movement (GS) announced that it would be leaving.

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