The film “Eiffel” is released in theaters on Wednesday, October 13. A realization of Martin Bourboulon which reveals the best kept secrets of this famous monument.

The film Eiffel pays homage to the creation of Gustave Eiffel, but with a movie script. This production also gives information that is little known to all. The first designer of the Eiffel Tower was from Alsace, his name was Maurice Koechlin. In the 1880s, this engineer worked for Eiffel, and thought about a pylon 300 meters high. An unprecedented size at the time which required technical prowess.

Maurice Koechlin has never been frustrated that the Tower does not bear his name. Which would be a little ridiculous, because the constructor, the engineer and the genius contractor are indeed Eiffel. But Koechlin is the man who had the initial idea“, explains Jean-David Koechlin, great-grandson of Maurice Koechlin. the martin movie Bourboulon is a good way for the descendants of the Alsatian engineer to pay homage to him. It hits theaters Wednesday, October 13.