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Paris: a “work plan” has been launched to better manage construction sites

Announced last November, the grand plan of the Paris municipality supposed to help “better manage the work” was put in place. “A new method to transform Paris”, explains the municipal team of Anne Hidalgo this Sunday, October 3 to the JDD.

The idea of ​​this “work plan” is to concentrate the sites in one district for about a year, then to give 5 years of respite before starting again in this same district. Thus, by coordinating both the development work of the public road and the interventions related to gas, electricity and water, the municipality intends to prevent the sites from succeeding one by one in the same street. , unending.

“Once this year of inconvenience has passed, non-urgent work is prohibited for 5 years, and the inhabitants quiet during this time”, explains to the Journal du dimanche Jacques Baudrier, the deputy to the town hall of Paris in charge of monitoring the sites and coordination of the work, commissioned more than a year ago to implement this ambitious plan.

the “beautify your neighborhood” device

To do this, the “Beautify your neighborhood” scheme has been devised. On an ultra-local scale – the city having been divided into 83 districts of approximately 30,000 inhabitants – the inhabitants and the municipal teams of each of these districts decide on the transformations and other works to be carried out at the instant T. Together, they first attend a public meeting, then organize field visits, with an inventory of what can be done, before delivering their verdict.

At this stage, 17 of these devices have been launched since May, and 8 are due to follow this year. Almost half of those launched have already reached the final phase, for work which will therefore start at the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022 and with the ambition that they be completely finished by the end of the year 2022. “There is a very strong consensus and even enthusiasm,” said Jacques Baudrier.

A new method well received for the moment, while many district mayors and local elected officials – from all political stripes – seem satisfied with it. The only downside is the ability of companies to carry out this work and above all to meet deadlines. Put in place this year, this plan is only based on the fact that a district quickly regains its tranquility after several months of work.

And residents are often ruthless in the face of construction sites, whose visual or sound inconvenience can rot their lives. In July 2019, faced with the dissatisfaction of Parisians with the extent of the work, the Paris municipality posted a map called “Paris Chantiers” listing all the work in progress, and constantly updated since thanks to data from the open data from the town hall.

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