Paris: a school transformed into a shooting room?

Parents of students from the Pelleport school, in Paris, gathered this Saturday, September 4 in front of the establishment to protest against the project of creation by the town hall of a shooting room in the middle of the school group.

It is a project that puts parents of students and residents in the wind. “We are mobilized because the mayor (Eric Pliez, DVG, Editor’s note) confirmed to us yesterday that the project would probably and almost surely affect 172 rue Pelleport which is located in the middle of a group of three schools, an Ehpad and of three nurseries ”, explained at the microphone of CNEWS, Agnès Salom, parent elected of the school 166 Pelleport.

“This treatment room does not necessarily seem appropriate to us in the middle of such a school group with such a density of children around”, she insisted.

Concretely, still according to Agnès Salom, “there are at this stage two numbers (street for the establishment of the treatment room, Editor’s note) which circulate, the 66 rue Pelleport and ours. Yesterday, the mayor had a relatively clear position and it seems to us that it was ours. He did not confirm this state of affairs to us, he told us that he would do a consultation to inform us (…) the mayor is in reflection with Ms. Hidalgo, ”Agnès Salom added.

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As she had announced, the mayor (PS) of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, proposed at the beginning of the week “4 solutions” in order to welcome and take care of the consumers of crack in great lack, in a letter sent to the Prime Minister, Jean Castex.

“It is high time to open additional places of care that will allow these people to get out of the streets and their dependence,” said Anne Hidalgo, adding that the Parisian elected officials had voted in favor of the creation of “Places where crack is taken care of […] on a human scale, scattered throughout the territory of Greater Paris ”.

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