Pariman’s ‘Ma’ to premiere at Cannes

Bangladesh’s only movie ‘Ma’ is going to premiere at Marche du Film, the commercial wing of the 76th Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Aranya Anwar, Parimony played the lead role in this film.

Director Aranya Anwar confirmed the Cannes premiere of ‘Ma’ on Tuesday (May 9).

He said, “This is the first film in my long career of production. Which is releasing in Bangladesh on May 19. At the same time, I can premiere the film in Cannes. Nothing could be more gratifying to a creator. I want the film to spread all over the world through Bangladesh, Cannes festival. I made this film dedicated to all the mothers of the world.

Aranya Anwar said that the film is being released in theaters on May 19 on the occasion of International Mother’s Day. After releasing it in the country, he and the film’s producer Pulak Kanti Barua will rush to Cannes beach in France. There, through the premiere, he will talk to other producers-distributors of the world with the aim of spreading the film ‘Maa’ around the world.

Parimani has not been on screen for a long time. Enjoying maternity leave. The actress is returning to the national and international screens with the much talked about film ‘Ma’, which was the last shoot before going on vacation. Meanwhile, various campaigns are going on around the film. Poster, trailer, song and behind the story of the film have been released.

The story of the film is during the liberation war. The emotional story of a helpless mother of a seven-month-old baby who is declared dead. Producer Aranya Anwar is bringing it to the screen in the form of a movie. Named ‘mother’. And actress Parimani played the role of that mother.

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Commenting on the movie, Pari said, “The journey of this movie will be my memory for the rest of my life. When I was shooting for ‘Maa’, Rajya (Piri’s son) was four months old in my stomach. I played the role of mother with her in my stomach. And now when the film is on its way to release, the kingdom is in my lap. What a joyous feeling it is, cannot be explained.”

Aranya Anwar is one of the proven manufacturers of the country. Who has spread fascination by producing series of dramas like ‘Our Nurul Huda’. ‘Ma’ is his first film in a career of three decades.

Azad Abul Kalam, Farzana Pictures, Saju Khadem, Rebena Karim Jui, Shilpi Sarkar Apu, Setu, Labanya, Shahadat Hossain also played various roles in the movie produced under the banner of Aranye Pulak (AP).

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