Parents left their infant at the airport counter to save tickets

An Israeli couple left their infant child at the airport counter to save money on the ticket.

According to CNN, the incident happened at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport when the family was traveling from Tel Aviv to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on a private airline flight.

At the check-in desk, they found out that they had to buy an extra ticket for their child, on which the couple started arguing and left the child at the counter and fled to the plane as their flight was about to arrive.

After seeing the couple running away with their child, the airport staff caught them and called the security personnel and the police and urged them to take their child with them.

An Israeli police spokesman told CNN that there was nothing to investigate because the parents were still with the five children when we arrived at the scene.

“We couldn’t believe what we saw because we had never seen anything like this before,” an employee at the airport told local media.

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