Parents beware! Saudi Arabia suddenly imposed a major ban

Prosecutors in Saudi Arabia have imposed a ban on rental bicycles for children under 12, warning that violators could harm themselves and others.

The kingdom’s public prosecution said children under the age of 12 were not allowed to ride bicycles on public roads and their guardians would be held responsible for any damage.

To ensure the safety of children during Eid celebrations, the Public Prosecution emphasized the need to train workers at entertainment venues on how to deal with accidents resulting from children’s sports and to follow safety rules and necessary He stressed the importance of taking relevant measures.

Prosecutors said that as part of children’s right to protection, it is necessary to provide safety belts attached to swings and other sports seats that children use to prevent falls.

The Public Prosecution said that games should be adapted to the age and abilities of the child, each game should be marked with the appropriate age for use, the number of times it can be used and, if possible, the game. Other necessary information including how to use should be explained.

The prosecution pointed out that safety measures for children such as extra wheels on the sides of bicycles and safety helmets and elbow pads should be used during sports.

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