Paralympic Games: How much will the French medalists get?

Equality bonus. French athletes who won medals at the Tokyo Paralympic Games (August 24-September 5) will receive the same amount as able-bodied athletes who won a medal at the Olympic Games in the Japanese capital.

An athlete who gleans a gold medal in the land of the rising sun will receive a bonus of 65,000 euros awarded by the French State. A silver medal will bring in 25,000 euros, while it is 15,000 euros that will be collected for a bronze medal.

These bonuses were reassessed last April by Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of Education and Sports, compared to the Rio Olympics in 2016. Five years ago, the athletes, valid and invalid, had received 50,000 euros for gold, 20,000 euros for silver and 13,000 euros for bronze.

At the Paralympic Games in Brazil, the French delegation won 28 medals, including nine in the most precious of metals. A total that she will try to exceed in Japan.

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