Papu Gómez revealed that they celebrated the elimination of Brazil from the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The world champion soccer player with the Argentine National Team Alejandro “Papu” Gómez recalled the achievement obtained in Qatar 2022 and revealed that they felt close to the title with the elimination of Brazil and spoke about the conviction that the squad had to reach the title. “Since we set foot in Qatar, we knew we were going to be world champions. I don’t know why, but we were very clear about it,” acknowledged the former Arsenal de Sarandí.

The Sevilla midfielder from Spain told, in dialogue with D-Sports, that since they arrived in Qatar they were convinced that they could be champions and revealed the moment in which they felt that they could not escape. “We had to change to warm up and we were all watching the penalties from Brazil’s match (with Croatia). We used to say: ‘if Brazil loses, it’s ours’. When Croatia qualified we started celebrating as if we had won.”Gómez revealed from the previous match against the Netherlands for the quarterfinals.

Besides, Papu also referred to the criticism that Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez received for some attitudes in the World Cup and did not hesitate to support the goalkeeper of the National Team. “Why if I score a goal can I dance and why if he makes a save, he couldn’t?” he wondered, adding: “What he does is perfect. He celebrates a penalty, a save. If he has to make a Little dance does it and if he has to talk to you… The figure of the goalkeeper took center stage, who perhaps was isolated before and today I see him more integrated into the team”. “He is super intelligent, very focused, he knows what he wants and has very set goals,” added the 34-year-old footballer.

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Finally, Gómez was happy to have been champion three times with Argentina: Copa América, Finalissima and World Cup. “To think that so many of my idols, and of many incredible generations of the National Team, could not achieve anything. I grew up seeing the photo of Maradona lifting the Cup. Seeing (Lionel) Messi doing the same thing reminded me of that,” he said.

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