An amusing incident occurred on the third day of the Cape Town Test. Rishabh Pant, the India team batsman and goalkeeper, blew his bat into the air in the process of scoring a six. The ball flew in a different direction and the bat went in a different direction. From the commentators to the players on the field, they kept laughing after seeing this. After this, when Pant went to pick up his dropped bat, he’s getting a lot of compliments on social media seeing how he respected his bat.

Rishabh Pant has often been seen hitting one or six big shots with one hand. In the third test match which was played between India and South Africa (IND vs SA) in Cape Town, Rishabh Pant also tried to take a shot in the same style. In the 60th, on a delivery by Duan Olivier, Pant tried to get a shot past the box, but the bat slipped out of his hands and fell too far into the air. The ball went square leg and the bat fell to deep point. After this, Pant laughed and went to pick up the bat. He gave all his respect to the bat and then walked into the crease. He gave the bat the same respect that is given to something in India after a stumble. This video of him is now going viral on social media and is also getting high praise for the Indian culture.

Pant’s bat, which was silent for the last two Tests against South Africa, ran fiercely in the third Test. In a tough situation, Pant has kept the India team in the match so far by scoring a century. Pant scored 100 runs on 139 balls in the second innings for Team India at the Cape Town Test. He held one end. Thanks to their innings, the Indian team was able to give the Proteas a goal of more than 200. South Africa has to score 213 runs to win.



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