In the Premier League they request a striker and the options are in the club from San Sebastian and parakeet

The Arsenal he lives days of uncertainty having a problem in his offensive plot, which he hopes to solve either with Alexander Isaac of the Real societyor another player of the Spanish. The Swedish striker is one of the wishes of Mikel Arteta and he hopes to obtain it in this winter market or at the latest for the summer market. If that doesn’t happen, his plan B would be in the parakeet set.

If the Nordic attacker fails to reach the fly emiratesthe English sports management has decided that it will go for the Madrilenian RDT. That’s right, the parakeet striker has appeared on the radar of the gunner box, because its figures seduce the Basque coach. However, in the Catalan entity they are calm, since a great clause rests on him.

RDT is Arsenal’s plan B in case the San Sebastian club proves difficult in the negotiations for Isak.

Neither Isak from Real Sociedad nor RDT from Espanyol were Arsenal’s plan A

Before the former Borussia Dortmund and former Real Madrid striker appeared on Arteta’s agenda, the English club had another name as their primary signing. We are talking about the Serbian Dusan Vlahovic, who currently plays for ACF Fiorentina, but has already arranged everything with Juventus. It should be noted that this player was also Atlético’s number 1 goal.

Faced with the planting of the Balkan, Arsenal have decided to look towards LaLiga Santander, and have redirected their eyes to Isak. The Nordic has a base price of 40 kilos, but the San Sebastian club sticks to its clause of 70 million euros. Plan B for the British team (RDT) has a value that amounts to 15 kilos, and they will also appeal to the clause of 70 of the greats.

Before reaching an agreement with Real Sociedad or Espanyol, Arsenal must resolve other situations

To sign their new striker 9, the striker group must release at least 1 or 2 troops in their attack line. Right now the one leading those exit intentions is the Gabonese Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The relationship between the coach and the player is totally broken, and Arsenal would already have him on their departure schedule as urgent.

Second on the discard list is Frenchman Alexandre Lacazette, who is being targeted by several teams, including Arsenal. At 30 years old he is one of the best attackers in Europe, but the player feels that his stay in London is over. His contract ends in June, and at the moment he doesn’t want to renew. His favorite destinations are a league where he has not been, so LaLiga Santander is among his options.


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