Panamanian freighter breaks in half in Japan, crew rescued

A Panamanian-flagged freighter ran aground off Hachinohe port in northeastern Japan on Wednesday. Aerial images show the stern of the Crimson polaris cut and sinking into the sea next to the other half of the ship, slightly inclined towards the water.

Three patrol boats and three aircraft were mobilized and “the 21 crew members, Chinese and Filipinos, were rescued,” said a spokesman for the Japanese coast guard.

According to the latter, the ship’s hydrocarbons flow at a distance of about 24 kilometers, without knowing for the moment the environmental impact. Authorities tried to contain the oil spill, but failed to deploy the barrier around the ship, he said.

“The patrol boats will work all night” to avoid collisions, the spokesman also explained, adding that no other ships were involved in the accident, to his knowledge.

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