Pamela Sued found something positive about her family’s unfortunate situation

the communicator Pamela Suedknown for being a figure who has always shown happiness and positivity, has gone through difficult times that have affected not only her but her entire family, such as breast cancer that was detected in her father JOsé Guillermo Sued, the pregnancy she lost (which she called Pumpi) before having her son Alonso, the death of her father-in-law Freddy Beras-Goico and her recent marital crisis. Now, the television presenter is experiencing a health problem from her parent again.

After suffering a fall that left him quadriplegic, José Guillermo was transferred by his daughter, his wife Cuchy Chávez de Sued and his son-in-law Giancarlo Beras-Goico to Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he will receive physical therapies for his recovery. In the same rehabilitation center, the former beauty queen was able to personally meet Juan Carlos Hernández, an athlete who suffers from a condition similar to that of the veteran broadcaster.

Through a post on Instagram, Pamela shared the story of Juan Carlos, who supported the Sued family during the process for José Guillermo to enter the center, which they tried since the accident in January and were able to achieve it in mid-May, and meeting him for the host of Color Visión has been a “fortune” that she enjoys thanks to the unfortunate experience that fell to their respective families.

Pamela’s statement:

I want to introduce my new friend @juancarloshernandeztejada. Since January I was looking forward to meeting him. He is from Santiago, businessman, athlete, son, father and husband. He is a lover of life, curious, joker and very talkative.

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In August of last year he suffered a fall and a spinal cord injury very similar to my dad’s and that’s how I found out about him. The medical team that intervened was the same one that treated my father in Santiago after his accident.

Through third parties we managed to make contact by telephone. In the midst of the tribulation and anxiety of those first months, Juan Carlos and his wife Rosa were of great support to us. Rosa and mommy wrote to each other frequently. In the admission process to the neurorehabilitation hospital here in Spain, they guided us from the experience they already had (they even managed to, in such a large center, be neighbors who have rooms next to each other).

His optimism, winning spirit and energy made me ask him to tell me a chin about him so I can share it with all of you. Just today I read: “Everything that God does is good and everything that he allows is necessary.” We (both families) had to live these unfortunate events to now enjoy the fortune of knowing each other.

Juan Carlos and Rosa: Thank you! Our next conversation will be going up Pico Duarte. God willing.

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