If a race IndyCar it’s unpredictable under normal circumstances, when the intermittent rain appears and spins, yellow flags and pit stops are chained, the whole thing is already crazy. And that’s what happened in the GMR Grand Prix. palou, who was leading, had to make seven stops! Y you left your options at the beginningwhen he spun and lost lap.

As we say, it was a very complicated race for Álex Palou in a weekend that looked great for the Spaniard. The champion started second, with a wet track and water tires. He saved the Ganassi the delicate start, he only gave up one place, but when he switched to slick tires he went to green, stalled the car and fell to the back of the group.

From there everything changed for him, tail of the pack and with a strategy begging for rain or yellow flags. Something. And it all happened. Several times but he was never able to take full advantage of the Barcelonan. From the box they encouraged the champion to push and climb as much as possible. Things weren’t any better either. Newgarden, 25th, Y McLaughlinwho survived in the top-10 but made a mistake with his strategy and finished 18th. This is how it went for the first in the general, while ahead, there were brave for everything like Hertaleader, saving impossible crusades, followed by the two McLarens, O’Ward and Rosenqvist. While waiting for the rain, things continued to happen on the track: Dixon without fuel, Dalton Kellett to the wall causing a yellow that Palou could not take advantage of to unfold.

He tried risking that yellow to put on the rain Firestones, praying to heaven or more incidents, which came just with the drama of McLaren in the restart, when O’Ward spun and hit his teammate Rosenqvist in the turn and ruined the until good career moment for both. By then, the madness on the track was already complete, with a mix of slick and grooved tires and all strategies in the trash. Only the classification was valid, which moved in each corner in the middle positions but left Herta and McLaughlin (before his collapse) as the leaders and said that the bet on wet tires was not the right one at that time. Goodbye to the race, for Palou, already with the aim of adding the maximum number of points possible. I finish 20th

The test continued with constant brawls, yellow flags, comings and goings to wet and dry tires and turning back, spins, touches and even the threat of ending the action. An inexplicable nonsense. It was only clear that not all the scheduled laps were going to be completed, and it would be finished with a maximum allowed time of two hours. And in that madness Herta reigned, first by Andretti, with Pagenaud second and Power, third and new leader of the championship with an advantage of 12 over Mclaughin, 15 over Newgarden and 25 on Palouwho lost the lead and in the 500 Miles will want revenge.

This is how the championship goes


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