Home Sports Palma’s win over Noia in the first round of the playoffs

Palma’s win over Noia in the first round of the playoffs

Palma's win over Noia in the first round of the playoffs

Palma got the first position in the regular league, which gave it the home field factor. Thus, this Wednesday they received Noia Portus, eighth classified. The reigning European champions they did their thing and showed once again the team that they are on the track thrashing the playoff rookies 8-2.

Only at minute two Luan Muller scored the first. The goalkeeper joined the opposite field and scored from the edge of the area. Until the sixth minute, Noia failed to generate danger. Altamirano stole Luan Muller at half track and Lean had her close. However, in the ninth minute Mancuso scored the second for the locals, which caused Marlon Velasco bet on the game of five with Machado as the fifth man. Decision that cost them the third goal. Tomaz took advantage of the empty goal to score the third. Rivillos did the same. robbery and goal to empty goal. The game was going uphill for the visitors, who saw a difference of four goals on the scoreboard. Mancuso did not want to be left behind, and in the same minute he scored the fifth for his team, the third in a row in the 11th minute. It was when there were 55 seconds remaining for the break, when Cleber scored the sixth. TOYes, the light reflected a bulky result before halfway through the game.

After passing through the changing room tunnel, Noia only needed three minutes to open his score. Hozjan fired a low shot from outside the area that managed to beat Barrón. The joy did not last long for the visitors, because it was only a few moments later when, again, Tomaz hunted a rejection inside the rival area and marked the seventh for his team and the second in his personal account. The men under Marlon’s command kept trying, but they had to wait until the 38th minute to finish a play inside the net. Álex García received a pass on the same goal line and was able to add one more for Noia, but they were still behind by five goals. And, as if that were not enough, Palma continued to set the pace, which allowed Cleber scored a goal for the squad on a direct free kick shot. The marker showed an 8-2. There was no time for more and the match ended with a win for the kings of Europe, who will visit Noia on Saturday. Some with the intention of sentencing these quarterfinals of the playoffs and others with the aim of forcing the third game.

The second game has faced the Jimbee Cartagena, who has received Movistar Inter. from the first minutes the visiting team has generated danger. Raúl Gómez, Cecilio, Fits, Lazarevic… but Chemi’s good interventions did not allow any of those balls to enter the goal. The locals also tried, first Lucao and then Javi Mínguez, whose shot went to the post. At halftime the scoreboard reflects tables at 0.

After going through the locker room, the first opportunity for Pablo Ramírez arrived only in the first minute of the first half, which he could not take advantage of after Fits’ clearance. who did it was Lazarevic, who conceded the first for Movistar. Right in the middle of the first half, Javi Mínguez scored for the squad to make it 1-1. Igualada that did not last long, because moments later it appeared Eric Martel to put his team back on top. With three minutes remaining for the end of the match, Jimbee wanted to try it with a player goalkeeper, but they failed to find the goal. contrary to Fits, who scored the third to seal the match (1-3). On Saturday all the second games of these playoff quarters will be played.

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