Palestinians escape from prison, Israelis lose consciousness, watch video

Six Palestinian prisoners have escaped from Israel’s most secure prison.

According to international media reports, six Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails escaped through a tunnel on Monday morning.

The Jalbu prison in northern Israel is considered safe, with high security and impossible for anyone to escape.

Israel: Six Palestinians escape high security prison |  News |  DW |  06.09.2021

Surprisingly, the escaped prisoners dug a tunnel out of the room and got out of the jail through it.

Five of the inmates belong to the Islamic Resistance Movement and one to the ruling Al-Fatah party, which was in the same cell.

Six security prisoners escape from Gilboa Prison in northern Israel |  The Times of Israel

Following the incident, Israeli intelligence, police and search dogs were sent to search for the detainees. Checkpoints have been set up at various places and searches at checkpoints have been tightened.

The escape of the prisoners from the highly secure prison has blown the minds of the Israeli police and security agencies and they are shocked by this incredible incident.


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