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Palestinian Jihad responds to Israeli aviation with 500 rockets

Palestinians inspect a damaged vehicle after an operation by Israeli forces in the Nur Shams refugee camp, near the West Bank city of Tulkarem, on May 11.

Jerusalem/Gaza (BLAZETRENDS) Israeli territory.

The last Israeli attack this morning targeted Ali Ghali, a senior Islamic Jihad commander, who was killed along with two of his relatives.

For their part, the Palestinian militias in Gaza continued today with the launching of projectiles towards Israel, whose attacks have hit 147 targets of the group,

Most of the militia projectiles were fired at Israeli communities bordering Gaza, although shots were also fired at cities such as Beersheva and Tel Aviv.

A military spokesman has reported that 110 of the 507 shots were failed launches that hit something within the strip itself, causing the death of four Palestinians in the enclave, official Israeli sources have told BLAZETRENDS.

Since the start of the current upsurge in violence on Tuesday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has recorded 25 deaths in Gaza and more than 70 wounded.

Of the total deaths, 10 were militiamen and 15 civilians, including six children.

US support for Israel

Although the Israeli Army has focused its attacks on YIP targets, a spokesman for the Islamist movement Hamas – which rules in Gaza and has a much larger arsenal – has assured that they are also participating in the armed response.

Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations are still trying to negotiate a truce, something that has so far not borne fruit.

On the other hand, the National Security adviser of the United States, Jake Sullivan, communicated yesterday with his Israeli counterpart, Tzachi Hanegbi, to whom he conveyed Washington’s support “for Israel’s right to defend its citizens from the indiscriminate firing of rockets” and “the need to de-escalate tensions and avoid more deaths,” the White House reported in a statement.

The current escalation began on Tuesday with the assassination by Israel of three senior Islamic Jihad officials in the Strip, triggering a strong reaction from the enclave’s militias.

This incident took place just days after another brief spike in violence in the area, following the death of Jader Adnan, a senior YIP member who died in an Israeli jail after 86 days on hunger strike.

In fact, one of the conditions that the Islamic Jihad would have set to reach a ceasefire is the return of Adnan’s body.

The death of this prisoner has also aggravated tension in the occupied West Bank, where today a Palestinian who was injured yesterday during clashes with Israeli troops died in the context of a military raid.

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