Pakistan’s claim of shooting down an Indian helicopter in Operation Swift Retort is “proven”

New Delhi: Pakistan’s claim that an Indian helicopter was shot down during Operation Swift Retort has been proved true, the court martial report of the Indian Air Force Group Captain has blown the whistle.

According to the details, the group captain of the Indian Air Force fell victim to the blunder of his own leadership, Pakistan’s claim of downing an Indian helicopter during Operation Swift Retort was “proved to be true”.

The court-martial report of Indian Air Force Group Captain Suman Roy Choudhary broke the news, stating that he had shot down his own helicopter in “panic” during a retaliatory operation by the Pakistan Air Force.

Captain Suman Raichoudhary was court-martialled and Wing Commander Shyam Nithani was also punished.

The group captain was court-martialled for disobeying orders and shooting down his own helicopter.

As a result of the downing of the helicopter, 7 people including 6 Indian Air Force personnel were killed.

Pakistan’s intelligence agencies at the same time blew up the Indian blunder, while India rejected it and termed it a fabrication and a lie.

The conviction of Captain Suman Rai Chaudhry and Wing Commander Shyam Nithani confirmed the Pakistani claim and the day-to-day scandals tarnished the reputation and honor of the Indian forces.

To cover up the loss of Operation Swift Retort, the Wing Commander was also awarded the Nandan Kovir Chakra.

The Indian people questioned whether the scandal-ridden Indian Army deserves to be called a professional army.

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